It was a beautiful summer day and Alyson was lying on a grass in her backyard, enjoying the warmth of sunrays on her skin. The birds were chirping merrily and she felt tranquil and happy. Then the sun hid behind the clouds and it turned rather chilly. She opened her eyes and saw a huge grey cloud hanging overhead.

The sky was looking pale white, the way it does in winter, and all the birds became silent. She looked down at her arms – they were covered in goosebumps.

The breeze suddenly turned into ice cold wind. Scared, she sat up and saw that everything was white. She was sitting on the cold wet snow in her summer dress, barefoot. The realization horrified her and she jumped up and ran to the house, but there was no house.

All around her was white snow fields, as far as she could see, ice wind blowing in her face. She didn’t know where she was and which way to run. A piercing scream woke her up. Eilif was by her side patting her. “It’s only a dream baby, only a dream…”