Amon entered the dining room, carrying a large crystal decanter with crimson liquid in it. All the heads turned toward it, as if pulled by an invisible string, and eyes filled with whatever little blood was left in their cold bodies, mirroring the color of the decanter.

“That’s for dessert,” said Amon, and placed the vessel carefully into a drawer while five pairs of eyes followed it greedily. A moment later Jessamine spoke, breaking the silent spell, and everyone looked at her.

“Did you hear the story on the news about two female bodies found with a neck wound and void of blood? The first body was found two months ago, and the second last week.”

“I think, Jessa,”-Eilif replied, somewhat annoyed-“they talk about it so much, that even the rats in this house heard it.”

“There aren’t any rats in this house,” she said defensively.

“Of course not. I would’ve stuck a straw through one’s eye and had a snack if there were.”

Amon and Jack laughed but Jessa looked disgusted.

“Anyway,” said Amon, looking suddenly bothered, “yes, I heard. Some vampire is slaughtering humans right in the open, leaving bodies behind.” He shook his head incredulously. “Half naked… Was he dating those women?”