“Maybe he isn’t, Lena,” said Jack. “The victims thought him very charming.”

“How do you know they did?”

“He was invited to their houses, where things got hot and heavy, wasn’t he?”

When the first story appeared on news,” said Amon, “I thought a foolish vampire fell in love with a human, lost control and killed her accidentally during physical contact… I wasn’t surprised. But after the second case I am certain he is a player.

“But what is he playing at? If he wanted blood, a quick bite as soon as they were alone would’ve served the purpose,” said Jack. “Satisfying the hunger wasn’t the only thing he was looking for, it appears.”

“He likes to feel connection with his victims. It makes the blood ever more so special to him,” said Jessa, surprised at her own insightfulness.

“Feel connection with his meals?” Eilif interjected, unimpressed. “Might be the guy just likes to have a little fun, Jessa, like a snake playing with her rat before eating it. Not that I don’t find it ignoble, but perhaps you are overthinking it.” he looked at Amon for agreement but Amon was drifting into another thought.

“No,” continued Jessa, “I am not overthinking. He formed emotional bonds with his victims before coldly taking their lives. He is a plain psychopath.”

“Fine, let it be so. Now can we drop the subject and have a nice dinner?”

“Thought you didn’t eat,” said Jessa

“I’d rather try your roast duck then go in circles discussing dead humans. Pass me a leg, please,” he cringed as he said that.