Eilif woke up at 3 in the morning, his usual time, and went to his study to review Sergius’ case. Sergius’ mother, Cathleen, who used to work with Eilif several years ago, called him up one night begging for help. Eilif’s record as a criminal lawyer was, to say the least, impressive. In over two hundred years he mastered the art of criminal law to perfection. Cathleen was absolutely sure he was the best man to save her son from prison bars.

  Sergius’ best friend was found dead in his apartment, along with a lifeless body of a young woman, who was until recently Sergius’ girlfriend. Both were shot several times. The autopsy revealed that the ex-girlfriend lived an hour longer than her lover. Eilif suspected, as strongly as the prosecutors, that Sergius, in anger over betrayal, first shot his friend, then had an argument with his ex-girlfriend, eventually shooting her too. Then he simply went home to his parents’ house, where he still resided, at twenty six years old. His mother watched how a detective, accompanied by police officers, put handcuffs on Sergius and took him into custody. She was at once on the phone, dialing Eilif’s number.

   Eilif thought about Alyson’s reaction and how indignant she was, reprimanding him for agreeing to defend a murderer. “You don’t have any sensitivity when it comes to humans,” she told him. “If a vampire killed another vampire you wouldn’t want to defend him!” He hated that she made him feel ashamed. He also hated that she was right. But he wasn’t going to listen to his overly sensitive wife. “She’s too soft,” he thought. Sometimes he felt that she was too forgiving, too understanding, too kind, for Lucifer’s sake! “She cares too much about the world that she is no longer a part of – the world that would turn against her in a heartbeat had it known who she was, who we were…” He loved Alyson very much, but he also resented her for her naive heart.