Natasha Pea

Vampire Literature, Mystery, Creative Writing

The Deer

Usually it was simple. “Too simple,” complained Eilif. No need to waylay, just run stealthily up to a deer, which was his favorite, and kill. The deer was no match for him. He didn’t enjoy that. He wanted the chase. Purposefully Eilif made noise to let the animal see him and scamper away – the pursuit started, and Alyson turned away.  Continue reading “The Deer”


They walked out of the back door so quietly, that even a rabbit, sleeping in the grass, didn’t hear their approach. When Eilif’s foot stepped half a yard from the rabbit’s head, the rabbit bolted in fear and scurred away. Once in the forest, obscured by trees, they crouched down, like animals, and started running. Their long slim bodies arched upward, hair falling down and waving in the wind; they jumped high and far, as if weightless,  Continue reading “Forest”


   Eilif woke up at 3 in the morning, his usual time, and went to his study to review Sergius’ case. Sergius’ mother, Cathleen, who used to work with Eilif several years ago, called him up one night begging for help. Eilif’s record as a criminal lawyer was, to say the least, impressive. In over two hundred years he mastered the art of criminal law to perfection. Cathleen was absolutely sure he was the best man to save her son from prison bars.

Continue reading “Sergius”

Bloodless continued…


“Maybe he isn’t, Lena,” said Jack. “The victims thought him very charming.”

“How do you know they did?”

“He was invited to their houses, where things got hot and heavy, wasn’t he?”

Continue reading “Bloodless continued…”


Amon entered the dining room, carrying a large crystal decanter with crimson liquid in it. All the heads turned toward it, as if pulled by an invisible string, and eyes filled with whatever little blood was left in their cold bodies, mirroring the color of the decanter.

Continue reading “Bloodless”

Message in a Bottle

I walk on a sandy beach. Waves are rushing in, foamy, submerging my feet in ice cold water and leaving again every few seconds… I cringe every time they come but keep enduring it because it is a refreshing awakening after a day of stale emotions. There are thousands of broken shells at my feet, and my eyes keep searching for the whole ones. The sky is dark grey today and feels heavy, the way it does before the rain. I breath in salt air and admire the energy of the vast ocean. 

     Ouch! Something small crunches under my foot and a sharp piercing sensation suddenly makes it throb. I lift it up and see red blood spilling out quickly. What the hell? A piece of paper is lying on top of sea shells, among shiny pieces of wet glass. Message in a bottle?

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The Coldest Summer (Alyson’s Dream)

It was a beautiful summer day and Alyson was lying on a grass in her backyard, enjoying the warmth of sunrays on her skin. The birds were chirping merrily and she felt tranquil and happy. Then the sun hid behind the clouds and it turned rather chilly. She opened her eyes and saw a huge grey cloud hanging overhead.

The sky was looking pale white, the way it does in winter, and all the birds became silent. She looked down at her arms – they were covered in goosebumps.

The breeze suddenly turned into ice cold wind. Scared, she sat up and saw that everything was white. She was sitting on the cold wet snow in her summer dress, barefoot. The realization horrified her and she jumped up and ran to the house, but there was no house.

All around her was white snow fields, as far as she could see, ice wind blowing in her face. She didn’t know where she was and which way to run. A piercing scream woke her up. Eilif was by her side patting her. “It’s only a dream baby, only a dream…”



It smelled of grass, freshness and cold. Stillness prevailed in this ancient forest that has lived for thousands of years. The giant trees seemed to contain a powerful spirit of eternal wisdom and all the things they had seen and never told, and never would. They knew of all the evil and all the love, of all the deep feelings one had held. They seemed to know everything as if the history and the sensations of every moment in time were contained within those heavy branches. Their presence was absorbing and intimidating as though you were completely detached from all the rest of the world, immersed in the timeless nature of the endless forest.


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